Big Bath Towels

Big bath towels, that’s all we do! Not every one is the same size and we think that some folks might simply want a bigger and higher quality bath towel to keep you warm and snug. Our towels are approximately 3 feet wide X 6 long making sure you have enough towel to wrap yourself whether you are a small person or a big person. The higher the thread count the higher the price but the real difference is in the cotton used and although we carry several types of cotton one comes at a significantly higher price point. That’s why folks like You shop at Big Bath Towels because we focus on big towels with bright colors that folks want to dry off with. No fancy marketing, no overblown promises just Big Bath Towels made in America by Americans, although our fabric is sourced from around the world. 

All of our fabric is 100% cotton and We wash the fabric prior to sewing your Big Bath Towels as this makes the fabric a bit softer and less prone to shrinkage.  Add a little color, design and imagination to your bathroom with our wide range of options.  Our fabric designs may be seasonal and or limited in stock.  If you have a design or color you want simply send us an email and we will see if we can accommodate you.  Do you need some Sheets N Pillowcases? Thanks for shopping at Big Bath